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Do The Training To Perform The Marriage

Are you aware of that Marriage Celebrant Training is mandatory and strictly regulated? One would think that it would not be that difficult to meet with a couple who wanted to be married, help them with whatever details they need addressed and then perform the ceremony on the big day. But that really is not the case. In order to perform marriages in Australia, a person must go through Marriage Celebrant Training.


No training and no performing marriages.Of course, it should also be noted that just going through the Marriage Celebrant Training does not automatically qualify you to be a Marriage Celebrant. Passing the Marriage Celebrant Training is just part of the requirements for registration. The Registrar of Marriage Celebrants also will need to determine whether your character is in line with the high integrity that is required.


The actual Marriage Celebrant Training has been changed as of February, 2010 and is quite extensive. You must complete and pass this training that comprises of 13 units. Our of these 13 units, five of them are compensatory and the other eight are electives. Within the eight electives, there are four mandatory units. As stated earlier, this process is extensive and must be taken by an accredited training company.


Now to review the five compensatory units that anyone going through Marriage Celebrant Training must complete. They are as follows:

* You need to work with the administrative protocols of the organization
* In your role of Marriage Celebrant, you need to work effectively
* Identify and address client needs in a celebrancy role
* Build relationships by using target communication skills
* Work within a relevant legal and ethical framework

These five units are in addition to the four mandatory units of the electives. It seems odd that there would be mandatory electives, but that is how the updated criteria states it.


The four mandatory electives are as follows:

* Legal Responsibilities of a Marriage Celebrant, need to be known and maintained.
* Develop an effective relationship with a marrying couple
* Using the legal requirements, plan a marriage ceremony
* Conduct and review a marriage ceremony in line with legal requirements


The training company you use to complete your Marriage Celebrant Training will be fully aware of what these requirements are and should have a training developed to assist you in passing the course. They will also be able to instruct you on any other necessary parts of the training in addition to the completion of the necessary paperwork.


It is only after you complete your Marriage Celebrant Training that you can take your completion certificate and register to be a Marriage Celebrant. Upon registration you will be legally allowed to perform a civil marriage anywhere throughout Australia. You will need to be aware of a possibility of different local laws in different areas. That is why it is so important to be the type of Marriage Celebrant that people can count on, to not only be legally able to perform the ceremony, but to be knowledgeable of local regulations too.

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