Legalities of Marriage

Before your Wedding you will need to complete a Notice of Intended Marriage Form (NIM) at least one month prior to your Wedding (I would suggest earlier rather than later to secure your date and time).


It can also be lodged with me up to 18 months in advance of the Wedding (a Booking Fee is required at this stage ~ the balance of your Fee is due approximately two weeks prior to your wedding date when you will also sign a declaration stating that there is no legal impediment to your marriage).


The documents you need to supply are:


Your Original Birth Certificate (If you need a copy please contact Births Deaths and Marriages in the State that you were born) and Photo ID or Passport.


If either of you have been previously married then your Original Divorce Decree papers or Death Certificate of a previous spouse. (If you need a copy of your Divorce Paper please contact the Family Law Court in the State you were Divorced).


Any documents in a foreign language must be translated into English and a Translation Certificate supplied.

Application for NSW/BDM Certified Marriage Certificate

Application form for "Notice of Intended Marriage




You are required to have two witnesses who are both over the age of 18 present to sign the Marriage Register and Certificates.




A Civil Ceremony usually takes about 25 - 30 minutes depending on the type of ceremony you choose. It's your special day and should be everything you want it to be.




As most Celebrants are busy and take bookings well in advance, it is best to book as soon as you have decided on the place, time and venue of your Wedding.


Please be advised to contact me as soon as you can to ensure my availability.


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