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Extra Touches Can Make You Extra Busy

In order to be able to perform marriages anywhere in Australia, you must go through a Marriage Celebrant Course that trains you properly. There are many important and detailed responsibilities that are part of the law that the marriage celebrant must abide by and failure to follow these laws could be considered a criminal offense.


Because of this fact, it is now mandatory that a person take a Marriage Celebrant Course. The Marriage Celebrant Course must be given by an approved organization that is registered and accredited to deliver the training.Just recently, as of February 2010, there has been a change in the Marriage Celebrant Course requirements, rather than just a single unit of training that used to be completed in order to become a marriage celebrant, there are now four mandatory units that must be completed. They are as follows:

1. Establish and maintain knowledge of legal responsibilities of a marriage celebrant
2. Develop an effective relationship with a marrying couple
3. Plan a marriage ceremony in line with legal requirements
4. Conduct and review a marriage ceremony in line with legal requirements


The interesting thing about receiving the above training in your Marriage Celebrant Course is that the organization that provides the units have stringent guidelines they have to meet. To be able to provide the Marriage Celebrant Course, they need to have had been registered for at least three years as a marriage celebrant and conducted three weddings within the last two years, in addition to not having any disciplinary issues, had satisfactory reviews and complied with their professional development obligations.


There are also mandatory literature that must be included in the Marriage Celebrant Course in order to comply with the regulation. This material must include as a minimum the Marriage Act 1961 and Marriage Regulations 1963, along with samples of many forms and other mandated materials.


It appears that the majority of the training is on the regulations, laws and paperwork but there is also the really important point of developing a relationship with the couple. Most couples do not care about what Marriage Celebrant Course was completed, they want the marriage celebrant to give them the wedding they want.


You can advise people on how to develop relationships in the Marriage Celebrant Course, but personality comes into play here too. You must really enjoy helping people with their marriage plans and be able to show this enjoyment in order to establish a great relationship with the marrying couple. This can be a major factor when a couple chooses a Marriage Celebrant.


Everyone will be trained in their Marriage Celebrant Course on how to develop an effective relationship, but there will be those who are able to take it a step further in developing a great relationship.


In order to develop great relationships, as stated earlier, if you really enjoy what you are doing, it will show in the service you provide. If you are only doing what it is necessary to do according to the Marriage Celebrant Course, you may not be as busy as a Marriage Celebrant who gives all the extra special touches.

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