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Finding the perfect place for exchanging 'I Dos'

Saying "I do" is the greatest promise one could ever make in his or her entire existence. Great preparations are undertaken to make sure that this predestined day will be perfect. The bride must wear the perfect gown, the groom must have the perfect ring, the music, food, and cake must all be done to perfection. To top it all, the wedding must have the perfect venue.

Finding the perfect place where couples make their vows is a very important aspect of the whole celebration that the groom and the bride should greatly consider. The venue holds the perfect wedding together. It provides the backdrop for a perfect wedding picture, a picturesque cinematography for the videos and kindles a sense of romance.

Choosing the right venue must be taken into proper consideration. According to Maureen Thorpe, wedding celebrant in Campbelltown, there are a lot of factors that makes a perfect setting for your wedding. For one, is the place capable of handling both the wedding ceremony and reception? Since weddings are more of a family reunion along with your close set of friends, having these two essential parts of your wedding in one location will maximise the guest's convenience and merriment. They will have more time catching up, and there will be no hassles in transportation.

Another aspect that needs much consideration is the number of guests. The location must be big enough to accommodate all the guests. Gardens and beach fronts are excellent choices for both ceremony and reception. Aside from its picturesque view, it is also wide enough for guests to mix and mingle comfortably.

The venue's entertainment capability is also very important. It must have reliable entertainment facilities for the celebration to be truly enjoyable. It is undeniably true that dancing is the most favourite part of any wedding reception. The location therefore, must have a large dance floor to accommodate every dancer in the crowd.

Accessibility is yet another feature that you'll need to take into account when choosing your wedding venue. Every bride and the groom would surely want to share this most memorable event with all the special people in their lives. The wedding location must therefore be accessible enough for all the guests, or could just be a short-drive for a well-graced occasion.

One of the important tips our wedding celebrant in Campbelltown suggested is to consider the budget for the affair. Choose a venue that is right on your budget. Choosing wisely will ensure a worry-free wedding. Will it be an affair that is planned exclusively for family, small groups or your own little circle of intimate friends?

Be sure to choose a wedding venue at least a month before the wedding date. This will ensure that you get the best location you want and book in advance. Wedding celebrants will also want to know it in advance to have your wedding in their schedule. Remember you need to have completed a NOIM (Notice of intended Marriage) at least 1 month and 1 day prior to your wedding and no longer than 18 months ahead.

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