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He Just Proposed, Now What?

The most romantic thing in my life just occurred and now I need to find a Civil Marriage Celebrant. Yes, this romantic thing was that I was proposed to by the man of my dreams. I met Cameron years ago when he came into my family runned business and I happened to be working that day. I knew the first time we held a conversation that there was something special between us.


I just didn't know how special it would turn out to be, that it would lead to the time when I needed a Civil Marriage Celebrant.I didn't want any old Civil Marriage Celebrant, I wanted someone who would enhance the romance of the relationship. Our relationship has been very romantic from the start and I truly felt that when we began our married life together, this romantic theme needed to continue and that is why I needed to find the Civil Marriage Celebrant who agreed with me and would cooperate fully.


Sure, I know that all relationships cannot always be romantic, Cameron and I have had our share of "unromantic" episodes. But that is just reality and if we didn't deal with those type of situations together, then our relationship wouldn't have a chance of lasting.


But there are some unpleasant situations that came be avoided and that was my main goal while looking for a Civil Marriage Celebrant, looking for someone who could provide the service we needed in the manner we needed. I discovered that a Civil Marriage Celebrant is not restricted to one area geographically along with the fact that they are appointed by the Australian Commonwealth Government's Attorney-General Department and that they do have a strict Code of Practice.


This code not only stresses the importance of maintaining high levels of professionalism and respect for the institution of marriage, it also indicates the legal requirements necessary for the Civil Marriage Celebrant to follow. This code also very clearly spells out what services the Civil Marriage Celebrant should be providing and in what time period in order to ensure that the marriage ceremony takes place with the least amount of worry possible for the couple to be married along with their families.


Once Cameron and I discovered that a Civil Marriage Celebrant must abide with the same practices regardless of where they are located, we realized that we needed to pick our Civil Marriage Celebrant by the choices that are offer in personalization.


So we needed to decide what was important to us to make our marriage celebration romantic and fitting for us. We needed a Civil Marriage Celebrant who would be willing to listen to us and incorporate our choices into the ceremony. This person needed to be flexible in their service and open to suggestions in addition to be able to give us suggestions based on our wishes.


We had to feel that it was our own personal ceremony, not just a standard ceremony with our names be added to it and this can only happen with the cooperation of our Civil Marriage Celebrant.

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