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I Want Romance!

As I sat at my cousin's wedding trying to appreciate the sanctity of a wedding ceremony, I could not help but think that this was the most boring person possible out of all the Australian Marriage Celebrants available for her to use. How on earth did this happen? Months later, I had the opportunity to bring this thought up to my cousin because I had recently become engaged and I wanted advice on what to do and not to do when planning my marriage.


One of the things I knew not to do was get the same Australian Marriage Celebrants. It wasn't that I disliked the actual person, it was just that the ceremony performed was not to my style at all. It just did not seem personal enough, but apparently after speaking with my cousin, this was the type of service she preferred. I should have realized this was the case because she was never the romantic type with visions of roses, music and lace as I am.


That is what I want my wedding to be all about; the romance, the frilly lacy dresses on my bridesmaids, the flowers and ribbons decorating the room and the aisles, possibly even candlelight! I knew that it was important to share this information with the person I chose out of all the Australian Marriage Celebrants available to perform my wedding ceremony. I wanted my choice of Australian Marriage Celebrants to envision the romance with me and not only help me achieve it, but dream it with me.


I know that there is more to the marriage ceremony than the romance, but frankly I do not care about the legal side of it and I wanted to be confident that the Australian Marriage Celebrant that I chose would take care of all that stuff. This also was an important factor when I was narrowing down my choices out of all the Australian Marriage Celebrants available. I wanted someone who would just let me plan my dream wedding and not let me have to worry about the details.


My mind was full of planning what my dress would look like, where I would go to purchase one? How many bridesmaids should I have, what should they wear? Should we wear flowers in our hair, or wear veils or possibly hats? Should the dresses for the bridesmaids be full length or tea length? These are the things I want to plan, not whether there was enough seating for the guests or whether there was an audio system available at our ceremony. These things are what I wanted the person I chose from the Australian Marriage Celebrants available to effectively manage.


Not only would my choice of the Australian Marriage Celebrants need to shoulder the responsibilities for details I did not want to deal with, but they also need to make sure that my marriage complies with everything necessary to make it legal. I cannot even imagine the pain and suffering that would be involved should it ever be found out in the future that you marriage was not legal and I don't ever want to know. That is why it is important to make sure you pick from authorized Australian Marriage Celebrants.

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