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Making Your Wedding Day Extra Special

When you're planning your wedding day, you want to do all you can to make your day as special as possible. For some people, that means having friends and family around them, for others it means celebrating with a small group of friends, or even just as a couple. Whatever you decide to do, considering the fine details will help ensure that your day is going to be as special as possible.


Start by thinking about how you want the feel of your day to be. Would you prefer a formal, elegant occasion, with traditional dress and decoration, or perhaps something more relaxed and informal, with guests without suits and ties. The venue that you choose will have a big influence on this, so view a number of venues and get the feel for something that attracts you.


Of course, another very important part of your planning is the ceremony itself. Whether you view the actual legal part as merely a formality or as the central part of your day, there are a number of options that you consider. The traditional church or chapel option is still appealing to a number of couples, but there is also the option of a civil ceremony.


Registry Offices are available, however they often limit the number of guests allowed to be present to 6 or 8 people, and a limited choice of ceremony. Alternatively a lot of venues now hold civil ceremonies on site, and choosing that option means that you don't have to think about transport for your guests from one place to another. If you want a ceremony that reflects you as a couple then thinking about a civil ceremony is an increasingly popular option.


There are Marriage Celebrants all over Australia, and they are easy to find. A Google search for Marriage Celebrant Campbelltown for example, will bring back the contact details of a celebrant who will be happy to discuss your ideas and plans with you. Whatever you choose, planning a day that reflects you and your relationship will sure to be a success. 

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