Naming Ceremonies

Baby Naming Ceremonies are a non-religious ceremony. They are usually the occasion at which the parents or caregivers choose to formally introduce their child to family and friends, bestowing the chosen names upon them. However it can be done for a child at any age. It is often nice to incorporate it in a family day such as the child's birthday if they are a little older. There can also be multiple namings done at once if there are two or more siblings that you wish to have a ceremony for.


The ceremony normally takes 15 – 20 minutes and it can be held anywhere. In your back yard, a local park or a set venue. I can play your favourite music through my PA system, this also allows everyone to hear the ceremony clearly.


Usually Godparents or Guardians are appointed to take a special interest in the child, and this is done within the ceremony. You will receive a certificate for your baby as a memento of the naming day, as do the godparents or guardians of your baby.


Each ceremony is created individually in consultation with the family. I ensure that the ceremony is meaningful and enjoyable. We can also incorporate a ritual such as a Candle Ceremony or a Sand Ceremony. This is great opportunity to thank important people in your child's life such as Grandparents and special friends.

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