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The Best Times of Day to Have Your Wedding Ceremony

Wedding is a celebration of life and love. It marks a new beginning for the couple. Among the numerous special events that we get to celebrate in our lifetime, weddings are probably the most memorable. We may celebrate our birthdays yearly, but walking down the aisle and making our most sacred vows creates a special harmony that is forever embedded in our entire existence. With this, your wedding should be carefully planned.


First stop is setting your wedding date. This must be a unanimous decision between the bride and the groom. Then comes the long list of guests and participants, which must be confirmed at the soonest possible time. It is important to know how many of your invited guests will be able to attend the wedding so you can make the necessary reservations. But then, of course, there is the venue and other wedding essentials to make it your most dramatic and heart-warming event.


To make this day more special, having your wedding at the most appropriate time can make a big difference. Typically, most couples celebrate their wedding at midday, and there is nothing wrong with that. Nevertheless, considering other times of the day can add more drama to such a wonderful event, especially if you are planning to have your wedding outdoors like on a beach or in a garden.


Outdoor Weddings


For outdoor weddings, celebrating it at sunrise or during sunset is ideal. Sunrise is only recommendable if your venue is easily accessible to your guests. Since it is celebrated earlier in the day, everybody is expected to be awake by dawn. It is only appropriate that you book for a venue that is accessible enough in order to be able to start the ceremony on time. The fresh, cool air of the early morning sun adds ambiance to the celebration. Moreover, there seems to be an undeniable tranquillity about the early morning rays that lightens up everybody's mood. Sunrise symbolises the beginning of a new day, and your wedding is the beginning of a new and beautiful life ahead.


Sunset can also be dramatic; the sky is beautifully painted with different hues of violet, orange, red and blue. Aside from its nostalgic effect, everybody will have enough time to prepare for the celebration. The celebration continues at night where you can all enjoy the cool breeze under the lighted dark sky.


These are just a few suggestions that you may want to consider in your wedding plans. Everything related to your wedding must be done for your utmost convenience. Cramming on your wedding day is a big no-no so make sure that everything is set a month before the celebration. To check what time the sun rises and sets, you can visit


To complete the picture, why not give us a call and get the best marriage celebrant in Campbelltown and Wollongong. Rest assured that you will experience the wedding of a lifetime. We will make sure that this moment will be something you would surely treasure forever.

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