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Traditional Wedding Vows

Traditional Wedding Vows are still part of Australian wedding traditions. This is despite the fact that both civil and faith-based weddings exist. Traditional weddings are recognized in law just as the other two types of weddings. Like with traditional weddings in other communities around the world, Australian traditional weddings involve not only your parents and close relatives but also your community and the other.


You will be escorted by your kin to your wedding ceremony. Just like with the Australian civil and faith-based weddings where gifts are presented, traditional weddings are not short of these. You and would be spouse will be presented with varied traditional gifts specially prepared for your wedding ceremony. Your Traditional Wedding Vows will be conducted in the open place that can accommodate whole communities.


The vows are usually recorded by the registrar of marriages to serve as proof that indeed there was a marriage between a couple. However, you are at liberty to proceeding to a registered marriage celebrant for a marriage certificate after your wedding vows. Like in civil and faith-based wedding ceremonies, the white or purple dress for the bride is a common feature in Traditional Wedding Vows. This is a symbol of purity or virginity.


While the vows are conducted by traditional community leaders in the presence of their communities, the other types of weddings are conducted differently. The civil marriage is conducted by a state attorney and involves the marrying couple and at least two witnesses from either side. Usually, this is a simple wedding ceremony lacks the beauty and pomp that most marrying women usually want to have.


In contrast, faith-based wedding ceremonies are usually conducted in churches and other religious places by religious leaders. The religious leaders are recognized in law as marriage celebrants and are therefore registered to conduct weddings.


You also have the alternative of using the services of private wedding celebrants. Unlike in the other types of Australian weddings vows, private wedding celebrants are required to undertake the necessary marriage celebrant training. This training is offered by various training institutions that have been vetted and approved to provide the training. Upon graduation, a marriage celebrant is required to maintain a high standard of professionalism. It is illegal to practice as a marriage celebrant in Australia without the necessary training and certification.


Opting for a civil, faith-based or private marriage celebrant requires payment of varied amounts. Engaging the services of a private marriage celebrant can in fact be expensive. This is in contrast to Traditional Wedding Vows where you are not required to pay for anything.

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